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    Q: What is WARDFLEX?
    A: WARDFLEX is Corrugated Stainless-Steel Tubing (CSST). It is a continuous, flexible, annular gas piping system that delivers more performance and installation advantages when compared to either black-steel pipe or ordinary CSST systems.

    Q: Is WARDFLEX certified for use in my area?
    A: WARDFLEX is approved for commercial and residential installation in all 50 states. The Canadian Standards Association certifies WARDFLEX for use in single-family, multi-family, commercial and industrial applications. Wherever gas service is needed, WARDFLEX is the answer to more installed feet and more profit, per day.

    Q: Where can I purchase WARDFLEX?
    A: Trained installers can purchase the WARDFLEX system through plumbing wholesale distributors. For more information, contact your WARDFLEX sales representative.

    Q: Is WARDFLEX certified medium- or high-pressure gas?
    A: WARDFLEX is approved for both medium- and high-pressure gas piping within a building and has additional protection requirements to prevent rupturing of the piping material.

    Q: How is WARDFLEX superior to conventional-steel (black) pipe?
    A: WARDFLEX installs without time-consuming (and costly): heavy lifting, cutting, threading, extensive measuring and calculations, and mess. Connections can be made with simple hand tools in a few minutes. The continuous lengths and flexibility of WARDFLEX reduce the number of connections (and chances for leaks) in any installation.

    Q: Is WARDFLEX only for residential-gas service?
    A: No, WARDFLEX provides more profit with more installations for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The flexibility, flow, and StepSaver double-seal fittings make WARDFLEX the fast and reliable installation option. For residential applications, WARDFLEX is easily expandable, to accommodate upgrades like gas fireplaces, garage heaters, laundries, and gas grills. For commercial and industrial uses, elevated pressure and tubing sizes up to 2" provide the gas volume required for higher-consumption appliances. Two-inch WARDFLEX can be the equivalent of five- or 6-inch low-pressure black iron pipe, when your local utility can provide 5-PSI. elevated pressure. And WARDFLEX can save days or even weeks in installation time, when compared to a commercial black iron pipe installation.

    Q: How is WARDFLEX superior to other CSST systems?
    A: WARDFLEX is superior in a variety of ways:

    • WARDFLEX has the highest overall flow rate.
    • WARDFLEX has unlimited lifetime warranty.
    • Every inch of WARDFLEX is 100% tested.
    • WARDFLEX is 100% annealed for more flex, requiring fewer joints, fewer leaks and fewer callbacks.
    • WARDFLEX is sold on free, easy-to-carry reels, in continuous-run coils of up to 1,000 feet.
    • WARDFLEX has a full-line offering, available in sizes 3/8" to 2".
    • WARDFLEX is the industry leader in installations and years of experience.
    • WARDFLEX is lightweight, allowing for faster handling and easier storage.

    Q: How is the new WARDFLEX StepSaver Double-Seal Fitting superior to other CSST fittings?
    A: WARDFLEX is superior to other CSST fittings in many ways:

    • The double-seal metal-to-metal and metal-to-gasket increases reliability and reduces potential for leaks.
    • The reusable gasket allows for fast reassembly without replacing any components, including the gasket.
    • The compact design is 40% smaller than the previous fitting, so it quickly fits into smaller spaces.
    • The one-corrugate ring crush zone seals tight with a couple of quick turns.

    Q: Can I install WARDFLEX?
    A: Yes, if you have undergone the proper WARDFLEX training. For more information on the WARDFLEX training program near you, contact your WARDFLEX sales rep.

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